early childhood education


Why do we put so much judgement onto others…… Why do we feel like we are judged so much……..

We’ve all been there and had that feeling. Hell, we might have even done it ourselves……

Why. Why. Why.

When we are all in the same situation and trying to find out path through, life, motherhood, family, work.

We are all trying to figure it out.

It’s something that happens throughout our lives but there seems to be a more vocal community where parenting is concerned.

Do you breast or bottle feed? Did you do puree’s or baby led weaning? Does your child have a dummy? You co-sleep? Are they potty trained yet?

Why are people so quick to pass judgement, when the way you do things doesn’t match theirs.

We are all different adults and our babies will be different again.

We get through parenting by doing the best that we think and what helps us to get through the day.

So let’s stop the judgement NOW!

If you want to co-sleep, go you!

If Little One has a dummy, that’s great!

Disposable or Fabric Nappy…….Does it matter, they still get covered in Poo and Wee exactly the same.

We all find things that suit our way of life and our way of parenting. We learn by trying different things and if we have another child, we might try things completely different.

Let’s learn by our own experiences instead of living by everyone elses.

And, the most important line of this whole website……..

If your struggling, ask for help and don’t feel guilty for changing the way you thought you would parent. No ones how they will cope until they get there!