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Mum Guilt

Mum Guilt. I had honestly never heard this term until my Little One was about 6 months old.

No one ever spoke of this while I was pregnant. Through all the midwife visits, everyone only covers:

  • How to look after yourself in pregnancy and to spot any signs anything could be wrong
  • Labour and birthing plans
  • Baby Care – Feeding, Sleeping

Not one person even spoke about when it was time to leave your Little One and return back to work, or even just pop to the hairdressers on your own.

Mum guilt is something that I have come to learn that most mums struggle with. It could be guilt about sending children to nursery so we can go to work or as simply as feeling like we haven’t spent enough time together playing during the day.

We feel guilty for leaving our children, we feel guilty for not leaving them.

Behind that picture of me, going out and working and doing something that I love and just for me, is a feeling of Mum Guilt.

Mum Guilt can make you feel like your selfish for going out to work and for trying to keep some sanity.

How are we supposed to navigate this minefield, when there is noone to support us?

I’m no expert! But there are a couple of things that we can do to try and help ease that guilt:

  • To start with, try leaving Little Ones with family or close friends. Especially if they are starting nursery soon.
  • Plan 1 day every Week/Fortnight/Month to spend just you and Little One’s. Go on a day trip to the park/farm or just have fun at home.
  • Ease into the amount of time you spend away from Little One

After thinking about this list, it reminds me and sounds really similar to the Separation Anxiety helpers.

Are Mum Guilt and Separation Anxiety linked? Could one be used to help with the other?

Is Separation Anxiety masked as Mum Guilt?

I think yes, it is in some ways. Are we maybe subconsciously feeling anxious about leaving Little Ones and it’s coming out as a guilty feeling.

Have you got any ways in which you hep with the Mum Guilt feeling? or anything you would like to share. Pop a comment below.

Remember, your not alone through this motherhood journey and everyone’s journey is different!