Frequently Asked Questions.

We frequently get asked loads of questions about our classes, hopefully some of the below will help out!

  • What age are the classes suitable for?
    The Baby Massage and Baby Yoga classes are suitable for babies 6 weeks to precrawling. We do require that babies have had their 6 week check with the Doctor and Health Visitor.
    Toddler Yoga classes are suitable for children aged 18 months to 4 years.
  • What ability are the Baby Yoga & Toddler Yoga classes suitable for?
    During our Baby Yoga classes, parents will learn simple breathing exercises and simple stretches. You do not need to have any previous experience with Yoga and the classes are primarily for Baby.
    Toddler Yoga is slightly more involved as we do encourage parents to interact and join in with the session, but again the most are only simple, and it can be a great introduction into Yoga for yourself.
  • Who can join in?
    Anyone can join in with our classes. We do recommend that parents or maybe grandparents only attend Baby Massage and Baby Yoga classes, as these classes are a brilliant way to help you bond with baby.
    Toddlers need to attend the class with an adult, but this could be Childminder, Parent, Grandparent.
  • Can both parents come to the class?
    We always welcome both parents should they wish to both take part. You can take it in turns or just simply observe the other parent.
  • What oil do you use/recommend for Baby Massage?
    During our Baby Massage sessions, we only use Organic Sunflower Oil and I provide the Oil for the sessions. This Oil is the closest to the skin’s natural sebum, it is excellently absorbed and isn’t harmful if baby puts this in their mouth. There is also no scent to the oil, so bay can feel secure lying on the mat, knowing that they can still smell their parent.
    With every oil, we always perform a patch test on parent and baby to ensure that they are not going to have a reaction.
  • Can I bring my own massage oil?
    Although we do only recommend Organic Sunflower Oil you are welcome to bring your own oil that you might regularly use. However, we do not allow any emollients (E.G eczema cream) as this should be applied following the hair growth. We will also perform a patch test on any oil used before starting Week 1 of the course or when the oil is changed during the course.
  • What type of classes do you run?
    I run group and 121 sessions of all the classes that I run. I organise the group sessions, but for 121 sessions, just pop me a message and we can arrange this between us.
  • When can we do this at home?
    You can do this at home with your baby after the sessions and I provide all the handouts for you to use as a reminder/guide. You will find your own routine. Some people give baby a quick leg massage while having a nappy change if you have time, others use Baby Massage as part of a bedtime routine. Just make sure that baby is alert, awake and happy to take part.
  • My baby seems more tired/hungry after Baby Massage/Baby Yoga?
    This is completely normal, as baby is doing exercise and engaging all of their body systems. Some babies will have an extra feed during the day and others may need an extra sleep.
  • Are there any times that I shouldn’t massage?
    You should only massage or perform yoga with your baby/toddler if they are awake, alert and happy to take part. We also do not recommend that any of the activities are undertaken if the baby/toddler has had a full feed within the last 45 minutes, they are unwell or have had their immunisations within the last 3 days.
  • What if my baby has just had a feed before the class or needs one during?
    We do recommend that massage isn’t carried out during the first 45 minutes after a full feed as the tummy may still be digesting the feed and it may pop back out again, especially if massaging the tummy area. Also you are quiet welcome to feed your baby during the class and observe the strokes or poses that we are doing. The class is completely baby led! At any time you can stop, care for the needs of your baby and just watch.
  • What if my baby is crying?
    There’s no need to worry, we’re all parents and know this can happen. As all the classes are baby led, you can stop and pickup at anytime! Your baby is your biggest priority. At any time you can stop, care for the needs of your baby and just watch.
  • What if my baby has just had their jabs?
    We do recommend that no massage is carried out in the first 3 days of baby having their. Their little bodies are working hard to process the vaccine and we don’t want to disrupt any of the body systems any more. You are more than welcome to still attend the session and watch and learn.
  • Can I bring my older child?
    Yes, of course. We have toys and a couple of biscuits always helps. Some children also like to have a go with our spare doll.
  • What if my baby doesn’t like Tummy Time (or lying down)?
    Don’t worry, there are plenty of alternative positions that the strokes or poses can be performed in and I will show you how to do this comfortably and safely. There are also some ideas to encourage Tummy Time on our page here:
  • What if I (parent) am feeling any discomfort?
    Don’t worry! If you are uncomfortable with anything we are doing just let me know. Also if you find it difficult sitting on the floor, we can always setup with chairs instead