Classes We Offer.

All of our sessions take place Online or Face to Face.

We also have the option for you to chose group sessions or 121 sessions.

There is also the option to create any of our sessions into a Friend Circle session. A great excuse to get you and your friends together, have a natter and learn something new with your babies.

Baby Massage

An in depth 4 week Baby Massage Course in a Group Course or 3 week 121 Course, helping you to learn to massage your baby safely and securely. You will learn:

Back Stokes

Tummy Strokes

Chest & Arm Strokes

Leg Strokes

Head & Face Strokes

As well as a specially designed Colic Routine, Teething Routine and Snuffles Routine.

Each Week we will learn a new set of strokes to help Little One enjoy massage and to allow them to become comfortable without overwhelming them.

We also recap the strokes from the previous weeks massage strokes to build up our complete sequence in the final week.

During a group session, there is no more that 6 parents with babies at one time, to keep us all comfortable.

Plus there is always time for a Chat throughout the session!

For more information on our Baby Massage Classes, pop over to the Baby Massage page HERE.

Baby Yoga

An in depth 4 week Baby Yoga Course in a group setting or 2 week 121 Course, helping you to learn yoga poses for your baby safely.

During the sessions you will learn:

Arms, Chest & Back Stretches

Legs, Hips & Tummy Stretches

Parent & Baby Poses

Baby Holds

Each week we will cover different poses, while recapping poses from the following week, to enable baby to learn and stop them from being overwhelmed with too much movement.

During the sessions, we also learn simple yoga stretches for parents and calming breathing techniques.

In the group session, there will be no more than 6 parents with babies at one time.

There’s always time for a natter during or after the session.

For more information on our Baby Yoga Classes, pop over to the Baby Yoga page HERE.

Toddler Yoga

Explore stories, themes and songs using yoga poses. With a different theme each week there is plenty to keep your Little One entertained! You and your Little One will learn breathing techniques, songs, sensory play and yoga poses.

For extra fun, we also encourage parents/carers to be involved with the session!

For more information on our Toddler Yoga Classes, pop over to the Toddler Yoga page HERE.

Tummy Time

Our Tummy Time workshops are fun and interactive for you and Little One.

During the session we will cover:

Tummy Time Positions

Baby Massage to support Tummy Time

Baby Yoga to support Tummy Time

Different ways of moving in and out of Tummy Time

Using props during Tummy Time

History of Tummy Time

We cover how to enjoy Tummy Time safely and there’s plenty of ideas to help support Little Ones head and neck muscle development.

For more information on our Tummy Time Workshops, pop over to the Tummy Time page HERE.