Tummy Time Workshops

We are now also able to offer Tummy Time Workshops Face to Face or Online, to help you and Little One love Tummy Time!

“Tummy Time is desribed by the NHS as awake time baby spends on their tummy.”

Tummy Time helps your Little One’s Head and Neck muscles develop, ready for their next development stages. We can support this and encourage Little One by using lots of different methods.

The sessions are designed for babies from birth to around 6 months.

During our Tummy Time sessions, we cover:

  1. Tummy Time Positioning
  2. Props we can use in Tummy Time
  3. Baby Massage to encourage Head and Neck muscle development
  4. Baby Yoga to encourage Head and Neck muscle development
  5. Moving in and out of Tummy Time
  6. Encouraging Rolling

The workshop is around 90 minutes long and there are some fun activities for you and Little One to get involved with.

As the session is quiet long, don’t worry if Little One doesn’t want to join in the whole session, you can still enjoy the session and have some tips to take away with you.

You will also receive your all important completion certificate at the end of the session!

You can book your session here:

And as always, if you have any questions, pop me a message via our Contact Us Page.