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Being a mum and being Lucy

Trying to find that balance between Mummy and actual Adult person…… I’m still trying to figure that out 2 1/5 years on from having Little One.

One day your going out to work, where everyone knows you as just “Lucy”, the girl around the office.

The next day your at home, and known as “Delilah’s Mummy”, “His Wife”.

It’s like havig our identity taken away from us, without us even realising.

So how do we find that balance?

We do things for ourselves

We make mummy friends (and learn their names!)

We go back to work

But there’s still the time at home, where being a Mummy takes over everything else and even a simple phone call can end in a wrestling match or a meltdown for the phone.

Trying to keep in contact with everyone!

Seriously if your text me, I read it…. I just might not remember to reply anytime soon! If things aren’t done straight away, when I’m running around after Little One, my memory needs a bit of work!

Baby brain is apparently still a thing even nearly 3 years after giving birth.

That’s where we need to bring ourselves back out.

Take 5 minutes to respond to that text (as long as Little One is safe)!

Introduce yourself as “insert name here” at baby groups first! Then say I’m “child’s name” mummy!

Do that guilty social media scrolling while Little One sleeps!

Bring back your hobbies! While Little One sleeps or while someone else watches over them.

Let’s bring back us!