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Baby Milestones

While I’m sat here surrounded by birthday decorations and presents on the eve on my little ones 2nd birthday, it got me thinking about how hard Childrens milestones are for parents.

“2 tomorrow” I’m sat here thinking where have those 2 years gone and where is my little baby I brought home from the hospital. Stay little just that little bit longer.

With every milestone whether it be sitting up, rolling over, walking or talking your baby seems to get that little bit more grown up, but what does that do to us mums and dads.

Personally it makes me want my little baby back on arms where nothing and no one can hurt them. I’m all they need. I want my baby to develop and grow don’t get me wrong, but does time have to fly by so quickly.

It only seems like yesterday we were walking out of the hospital with our Little One tucked in her car seat, all of us nervous as hell as to what was in store for us.

That first night at home, we popped out Little One in her Moses Basket in the living room and just stared at her in awe, we couldn’t believe we could bring this Little Girl home and she was all ours!

Then Little One starts holding her head up, smiling, sitting up, even a little grab for a toy we held all broke my heart that our tiny little baby was growing up and quickly. Everyday I am amazed and heart broken by how much she’s changing and learning all the time.

But then on the other hand you start worrying that Little One isn’t developing properly. Should Little One be sitting or rolling by now? Are they happy, should they be smiling?

All babies are different they develop at different stages! I was worried as my Little One still hadn’t smiled for our 6 week check, but then the Health Visitor said as her reflux was terrible she probably didn’t have a lot to smile about. At the time I brushed this comment off and thought nothing off it and agreed, but sitting her 2 years later, I also remember thinking “why isn’t Little One happy, am I doing enough for her?” For some parents this would have been a real low comment to make from the Health Visitor.

All babies are different and will develop onto the next stage when they are ready and when they want to. We can encourage them and support them, but they are in control!

It’s a constant battle between worrying, excitement and fear of missing out!

Parents take that extra moment to watch them play, peep round the door when they are sleeping and just admire every moment we can spend with your Little One.

The housework can wait, the phone can wait.. your Little One growing up won’t wait.

Saviour all of those little moments with your babies, you never know when you’ll be sat there wondering where your baby has gone! Just always remember your not alone with these feelings!