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What happens in a Toddler Yoga class…..

Ever wondered what happens during a Toddler Yoga class? Or what Toddler Yoga is?

I’ve broken down my class format to help explain and for you to understand what is involved.

I normally arrive at the venue around 20 minutes before the session starts to ensure that everything is setup in the room and to ensure that the room temperature feels right. If I was doing the class online, I normally panic put my little one to sleep and take over her playroom to setup for the session. An online session looks like the below:

Due to COVID-19 haven’t managed to complete a face to face class yet, but i am hoping in the near future that this will change!

Everyone feels included in my sessions as I do encourage parents to join in and support / encourage their child.

The classes are really relaxed and toddler let. If your child needs anything during the session, please feel free to take them to one side and help them.

Please talk to me prior to the sessions if your child has any vaccinations coming soon.

There is lots of singing during the session and we learn about different breathing techniques.

The class structure usually follows:

  • Health form completed before joining the session
  • Welcome / Introduction / Health & Safety points
  • Welcome song
  • Warm up for toddler and parents
  • Stretching and waking up our bodies
  • Story or theme walkthrough with yoga poses
  • Sensory play
  • Relaxation & settling down

To allow your child to feel more comfortable, I do encourage parents to join in with the complete session. The theme will be different every week, but the structure of the session will be the same.

The yoga poses will start to become familiar over the course of a term.