What happens in a Baby Yoga class….

Ever wondered what happens during a Baby Yoga class? or what Baby Yoga is?

I’ve broken down my class format to help explain and for you to understand what is involved.

I normally arrive at the venue around 20 minutes early to setup the room and make sure the temperature is right. A typical room setup looks like:

I join as part of the circle with my demonstration doll, so everyone feels included and can see what is being taught.

The class is really relaxed and is baby led, so if your baby is asleep or needs anything during the session, please feel free to follow the led of your baby.

If for any reason your baby can’t take part in the session, e.g. they are asleep or just been fed, had any vaccinations then I do have a spare doll that you can practice on before going home.

There is also some relaxing music playing so parents can relax as well as babies.

The class structure:

  • Welcome
  • Health check form completion (week 1 only)
  • Introductions from me and you (Week 1 only)
  • Explain about contra-indicators and when yoga should be performed
  • Relaxing yoga breath for parents
  • Relaxing yoga stretch for parents
  • Yoga routine for babies with some parent poses (new poses first then recap from previous weeks)
  • Time for a cuppa, a couple of biscuits and a chat!

To allow your baby to feel comfortable and relaxed and allow them to get used to Baby Yoga, we start with 1 area and work up to a full body during the weeks. Therefore Week 1 is the shortest Baby Yoga that will be performed and each week gets a little bit longer.

A lot of the poses also have nursery rhymes to go with them. We usually do the most singing in Week 4 to enjoy the party.

I have handouts and information leaflets to give out during each session so you can take what we have learnt home!

Week 4 is also Certificate week, where we celebrate all we have learnt!