Benefits of Baby Massage & Baby Yoga

Baby Massage and Baby Yoga can be really beneficial for both Baby and Parent. As can attending a group class and meeting parents with similar aged babies.

Massage & Yoga can help babies:

  • Feel Loved, Respected and Secure
  • Adapt to their new environment
  • Learn to play
  • Improve physiological health by:
    • Stimulating all the senses
    • Promoting relaxation which can improve quality of sleep
    • Enhancing growth and development
    • Encouraging body awareness
    • Regulating the digestive system and reducing the discomfort of Colic, Wind and Constipation
    • Improving Skin Condition and Muscle tone
    • Maintaining flexibility of the joints, ligaments and tendons
    • Strengthening the respiratory and immune systems
    • Stimulating the circulatory system
    • Helping to balance the nervous system

Massage & Yoga can help Parents by:

  • Feel more confident about handling their baby
  • Understand the signs and signals their baby uses, so they know what their baby is “saying” to them
  • Find time to play with their baby
  • Relaxing whilst having fun with their baby
  • Enhance the feeling of closeness with their baby, so that their relationship my strengthen and grow

Massage & Yoga Classes can help Parents:

  • Get to know other parents with young babies
  • Share their new experiences
  • Learn a wonderful new skill that they can share with their baby
  • Have a break from normal routine