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Massage for the growing Child

A quick photo of my little one having a foot massage just become nap time.

As our babies start to grow they will most likely become less inclined to just lay down on the mat, lie nice and still and let their parents massage. However, the benefits of positive touch don’t stop just because babies a little by older. Oxytocin will still be produced and we can still help with any of those tummy aches and pains. In fact all of the benefits to massage are still there.

This is now where we either need to have it slotted into our routine so little knows what is coming next or start making it more fun for little one.

If we were making it part of our routine, it maybe best to start this early in your little ones life. I have heard a lot of parents that fit Baby Massage into the bedtime routine after a bath.

But if your little one is like mine, after a bath she was always starving hungry (even if she had milk/food before), you could try working it into your morning routine if you have time or during a late afternoon / evening nappy change.

The massage routine doesn’t have to be long and you don’t always have to do the full routine. If you find there are some massage strokes that little one just isn’t in to, then leave them out or maybe do 1 area of the body each time you massage to bring something ‘new’ to little one.

Making the massage routine more fun can be a little bit tricker.

But we can sing lots of songs, as there are lots of nursery rhymes that can be used with our massage routine.

Go with Little Ones lead. If they roll over to back or front change your approach and massage the area that has now become accessible. Most of the massage strokes we teach on our courses can be done with little one sitting up.

Get the family involved. If it’s usually the same parent that does the massage, change over and have the other parent massage. Baby will then like the change of parent and benefit from the extra bonding with both.

Include sensory toys and make it a sensory massage session. Something extra to keep little one more interested and a massage at the same time. Something as simple as a sensory scarf or a light projector on the ceiling will work.

Change the time you do the massage. You can add massage into your routine to suit everyone.

Have you got any other ideas or things you do with your growing children?