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Setting the Scene at Home

If you wanted to do Baby Massage or Baby Yoga at home, what would that look like. We want to make a nice cosy environment for you and baby and to ensure that baby feels safe.

First you want to make to sure room is warm enough for baby to be undressed. You can usually gage this, by seeing if the room is warm enough for you to sit comfortably in a short sleeved top.

Then we want a nice soft area for baby to lay down. You could use a nice soft blanket or a changing mat on the floor.

If the room is darker or it’s part of your bedtime routine, you make want some soothing lights for baby to look at.

As we want baby to feel as secure as possible while lying down on the mat, keep a hand in contact at all times and use their favourite toy to soothe them.

I have used:

  • Blanket – for baby to lay on
  • Light & Sound Polar Bear – soothing melodies and changing lights on the ceiling
  • Teething Toy – if baby was teething to help them
  • Soft toy – baby’s comforter
  • Sensory Scarf
  • Tummy Time Pillow – if you were doing Back Massage this could encourage Tummy Time for baby as well

Remember to always ask permission before starting your massage and only perform on a baby who is awake, alert and generally well.