Safe & Comforting

During our Baby Yoga classes, Parents get the opportunity to learn some breathing and calming techniques and some simple Yoga poses to relax.

I will demonstrate the Yoga pose in several way for all abilities, making sure everyone is comfortable and within their own personal limits.

Don’t worry about not being able to perform all of the poses, due to health problems I also struggle to do the Easy Seated Pose with Half Pigeon.

But all of our Poses are safe for parents 6 weeks post natal, following your 6 week check with the Doctor and Health Visitor.

We always follow the advise of doctors and make sure everyone is comfortable in our classes.


Supporting Parents

Having a new baby can be emotional, tiring, painful, and even a sad time.
There might be 1000 questions circulating round your head, “Will I ever sleep again?”, “How can something so small make such a smell?”, “Will things ever seem normal again?”

We may not have all the answers, but during our Baby Massage & Baby Yoga classes, there’s an opportunity to share our experiences and swap advise.

We’re all there to support each other and help and my mission is to support parents through this journey into the unknown.

Group Sessions and 121 Sessions are available to suit everyone.

Your not alone!! We’ve all been there!!

🤱Oil for Baby Massage🤱

During our classes we use Organic Sunflower Oil to massage your baby. Organic Sunflower Oil is the closest to the oil in the human skin and has excellent moisturising properties. The best oils to use are organic, cold pressed vegetable oils. These are natural and will not harm your baby if ingested during the massage.

When applying oil you will only need to use about the size of a 10p in the palm of your hand.

There are lots of expensive oils on the market, targeted at parents for their baby massage, but a lot of them contain a lot of chemicals that your baby could possibly have a reaction to.

✅Oil to use:✅

  • Sunflower: closest to the oil in the human skin and has excellent moisturising properties.
  • Grape Seed: a stable oil and less likely to go rancid
  • Fractionated coconut: good for a baby with a suppressed immune system or allergies

❌Oils to avoid:❌

  • Emollients: these should be applied in the direction of hair growth and can cause infections in the hair follicles if used it massage
  • Nut and wheat germ: may cause an allergic reaction
  • Olive: research indicates a potential damaging effect in adults with undamaged skin
  • Mustard: research indicates a potential damaging effect in adults with undamaged skin
  • Mineral: stops the skin from breathing and can dry skin out of use often
  • Essential oil: they mask the smell of the parent which is important for bonding. There is no research to prove that use with Baby Massage is safe.

👧Patch test oil👶

Before using any oil it is good practise to test a small area of skin on yourself and baby, usually the inside of the wrist and to be left for 15 minutes to ensure that there will be no allergic reaction.


Benefits of Baby Massage & Baby Yoga

Baby Massage and Baby Yoga can be really beneficial for both Baby and Parent. As can attending a group class and meeting parents with similar aged babies.

Massage & Yoga can help babies:

  • Feel Loved, Respected and Secure
  • Adapt to their new environment
  • Learn to play
  • Improve physiological health by:
    • Stimulating all the senses
    • Promoting relaxation which can improve quality of sleep
    • Enhancing growth and development
    • Encouraging body awareness
    • Regulating the digestive system and reducing the discomfort of Colic, Wind and Constipation
    • Improving Skin Condition and Muscle tone
    • Maintaining flexibility of the joints, ligaments and tendons
    • Strengthening the respiratory and immune systems
    • Stimulating the circulatory system
    • Helping to balance the nervous system

Massage & Yoga can help Parents by:

  • Feel more confident about handling their baby
  • Understand the signs and signals their baby uses, so they know what their baby is “saying” to them
  • Find time to play with their baby
  • Relaxing whilst having fun with their baby
  • Enhance the feeling of closeness with their baby, so that their relationship my strengthen and grow

Massage & Yoga Classes can help Parents:

  • Get to know other parents with young babies
  • Share their new experiences
  • Learn a wonderful new skill that they can share with their baby
  • Have a break from normal routine

Encouraging Tummy Time

Tummy Time is an important part of babies development. There are several ways in which you can encourage your baby to enjoy tummy time.

  • Lie with your baby
  • Pop them in front of a mirror so they can see themselves
  • Read a story and look at the pictures
  • Special Tummy Time or play mats
  • Laying baby on you on their tummy
  • Toys!

Play with your baby and ensure they are safe at all times.

Encourage them to enjoy Tummy Time and enjoy the time playing together.