Mummy Tips

Each Friday I review an item that I have used and that has proved useful during my motherhood journey.

All opinions are my own and are not influenced.

Bath Seats

This weeks Mummy Tip is Bath Seats! We didn’t have a particularly big house or bathroom when we first had Little One so a baby bath just wouldn’t have worked for us. I found something that was perfect, could be used in our bath (filled with shallow water) and didn’t take up much room for storage. We used the Summer Infant Baby Bath Sling for when Little One couldn’t sit up and the Mamas & Papas Baby Bath Seat for when she could! Both worked perfectly and we even took the Bath Seat on holiday with us as it was so portable! These seats still require your full attention when Little One is in them but you can have both hands free for a little bit more playtime!

Sleeping Bags vs Blankets

This week mummy tip is by far the best product for wriggly sleeping babies!!Sleeping Bags!!If your little one is anything like mine was, they wriggle around the cot all night and end up freezing cold as all the blankets have long disappeared down the bottom of the cot. The Sleeping Bag is the best way to keep baby warm while they are having a sleepy shuffle around the cot!

Changing Stations

This weeks Mummy Tip is

Changing Stations

We all have the nice changing table upstairs in the nursery, but who wants to be trekking up and down the stairs 20 times a day to change nappies!! After about day 3 of having our Little One, we brought a roll up changing mat and kept it stashed under the sofa ready to pull out at any needed moment.Have a changing station setup everywhere, so you can change and carry on playing.

Ring Doorbell

It’s the turn of the Ring Doorbell!! The best thing we have brought! I can see who’s at the door when I’m out, and can answer the door without being at home! The motion detector also notifies me of any movement on our driveway! Our echo dot and both our phones get the notifications so there isn’t much we miss! The only problem I found was people were ringing the doorbell and 10 seconds later bashing the door, instead of waiting for me to answer after the ring, here comes my lovely note on the front door!! Do not wake my baby!!

I would definitely recommend this to anyone especially if you have babies and your like me and fed up of people knocking the door and waking them up!!

Secret Saviours Stretch Mark Prevention Kit

This Mummy Tip is a throwback one as I haven’t used it since 2018, and is one for all the pregnant mamas! Especially if your like me and suffer from back pain anyway!

I used the full kit; the band, day and night cream from around 18 weeks and it did make me feel more supported around the tummy and back areas. It kind of made me feel like I was all held in, especially with a bump as big as mine!

I did get a couple of little stretch marks during pregnancy (but my bump was huge, even with just one baby in it) I do think the band prevented me from suffering with my back and from my stretch marks getting any worse! Plus the cream smells amazing!

I would definitely recommend this to any pregnant mama!

Gro Egg

If your like me and constantly panic about your little one being too hot 🥵 or too cold 🥶 this is perfect!

I brought ours while I was pregnant and I think it was the first “baby gadget” we brought!

The light instantly shows you whether it’s too hot, cold or just right. And if in the sleep deprived haze you forget what the colours mean, there’s a handy guide on the back! The light isn’t too bright either so it won’t keep you or baby awake, but it’s a nice little light to have on.

I was recommend every parent gets one of these as it gives you a little bit of a peace of mind.

Olly the Owl

This Mummy Tip is all about sleep! Well trying to get your little one to sleep a little bit more. If your anything like me, sleep deprivation felt like torture so trying to find something that would sleep soothe little one was a must.

Olly the Owl was a lifesaver in the early days helping to settle little one through those gentle stirs and turns out it helps mummy sleep as well!

Check out the video below for more information about Olly the Owl.

Now TV

This Mummy Tip is dedicated to keeping me sane during those long nights and sleepy days!

From movies and binge worthy box sets to reality tv. This was right up my street!

I took those opportunities while my little one was napping to catch up on so much tv! While they are really little they can’t argue about what’s on the tv!

Milton Antibacterial Wipes

I learnt about these wipes while I was teaching a Baby Massage class in 2019, as one of my mummy’s was using them!

I hadn’t seen them before and I thought they were ace for sterilising on the go.

Our packet has definitely got loads of action during the past few months!

Boots Parenting Club

Joining the Boots Parenting Club will allow you to earn 8 points per £1 spent instead of 4 points on all baby items!

You are then free to spend the points on anything across the Boots store / website! It doesn’t have to be baby products!